Omelette  with ham          

Omelette with  mushrooms 

Schlutzkrapfen Savory   Pastry Cases    
with  brown butter,  herbs,  fresh  parmesan

Baked  mushrooms     

Spinach noodles   
with  a  gorgonzolasauce  and  mushrooms

Smoked  salmon  on  baked potato  cake      
with  salad garnish



Greek farm salad      
with  sheeps  chees,  olives ,  onions

Mixed salad        
with roasted chicken breast, mushrooms

Mixed salad with king prawns              



Clear soup with sliced pancakes     

Clear soup with noodles       

Garlic cream soup        

Tomato soup

Wine cream soup with croutons         


Traditional food

Home made pasta  noodles  panned with  cheese                          
served with a mixed salad

Panned  potatoes with  chopped  bacon         
topped with a fried  egg, served with  a  mixed  salad

Cutlet  of  beef  with  fried  onions           

Cutlet  of beef  with  garlic                  

Boiled  piece  of  beef                            
roasted  potatoes,  green  beans  with  bacon, horseradish   cream



Plaice  „vienna  style“  fried  in breadcrumbs                 
potatoes ,  green  salad

Pike-perch  in  a  potato-crust          
with  fish-wine  sauce,  broccoli

Hake filet   with  potatoes , broccoli                    


Grilled and pan dishes

Bread-crumbed   and  fried  porc  scallop                    
parsley  potatoes,  cranbeeries

Fried  porc  scallop  with  ham  and  cheese                        
Deep  fried  potatoes, mixed  salad

Pork  scallop with  mushrooms                   

Fried  turkey  breast                           
with  fruit  rice  , mixed salad

Filets   of  pork  turkey  and  beef  on a  skewer          
green  beans  and  carottes, fried  potatoes

Lamb cutlets with a garlic sauce          
Roast potatoes and green beans with bacon

Swiss  sauteed  veal     
„Rösti“  baked  potatoes  cakes

Fillet  of  pork          
with  pepper  sauce, broccoli,  roast  potatoes

Beef Stroganoff       
home made  pasta  noodles

Medaillons  of  beef   
with  curry-butter-cream  gratinated, broccoli, roast  potatoes


Sweet Dishes

Apple Strudel with wipped cream           

Browned omelette with cranberries          

Pancakes with  ice cream         
and chocolate sauce

Pancakes with cranberries            

Chocolate pudding with wipped cream          

and chocolate sauce

Baked apple fritters with vanilla  sauce         

Lemon ice cream with hot blueberries          

Walnut ice cream with kiwi           

with fruits